The Celebration of Tanabata

According to ancient legends from China, the seventh day of the seventh month is when the stars Altair and Vega are able to overcome the celestial boundaries that separate them and finally come together. Japan celebrates this occasion with a holiday they call Tanabata, or the Star Festival.

During this festival, the people of Japan traditionally write their wishes on strips of paper. They then tie their wishes to the branches of special bamboo trees, which are erected in public areas specifically for the occasion. Tradition states that wishes written down in this way are more likely to be realized.

Depending on where you go in Japan, Tanabata could be held on either July or August 7th, depending on which calendar the region observes. Whenever it is celebrated, it is an occasion for fun festivities and family togetherness. Come and pay tribute to the stars yourself at our Auburn teriyaki restaurant!

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