The Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year of 2014 marks the arrival of the Year of the Horse for our Auburn teriyaki restaurant. Representing the seventh position on the Chinese Zodiac, people born under the Horse are said to embody traits of strength, energy, and extrovertism. They are also known to be a little self-centered, occasionally throwing tantrums if they cannot get their way.

Horses tend to be attracted to careers where they can be around other people. They like to be the center of attention, preferably with the power to act as their own bosses with characteristic spontaneity and adaptability. If you are a Horse, you may do well as a salesman, a journalist, a performer, a publicist, or a teacher.

The spontaneous nature of Horses lends them to impulsive, passionate relationships with others. These can be exhausting and potentially over-dramatic, though Horses do tend to mellow out with age.

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